IGBO DAY 2016; Art in Culture

Igbo Kwenu!!!

“Don’t forget where you are from, live your life and make new strides but remember the values of your parents and make new values of your own. pass through your culture, experience it and let it pass through you. you will never regret it.”


hey guys,

hows your summer going? hope its going well. okay. i attended the 2016 Igbo day event here in Edmonton and it was amazing. it really was. not just the performances and the food but the whole shebang. the atmosphere, the people, and the general appreciation for culture. it was nice to see a group of people come together to celebrate something they have in common- their culture. Not everyone at the event was Igbo and not everyone was Nigerian, but every one was treated with respect and dignity. Igbo terms and traditions that other people may not understand were explained fully. the whole vent was refreshing and i fully recommend it to anyone who can attend it next year.

the event got me to notice the significance of art in culture. art has been embedded into the human experience since the beginning of time straight from our outfits…

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